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International Green Consulting
Taxation, Banking & Finance

Manage your cannabis tax with IGC
to stay up-to-date on the
latest regulations

Maintain Compliance

Numerous tax regulations are in place for cannabis and cannabis products. IGC helps identify the pertinent taxes and ensure your business complies with all tax norms.

Tackling Diverse Policies

IGC ensures businesses play safe when it comes to paying local and state taxes, which can vary widely between states and across regions. Many states have already put regulations in place for recreational and medical marijuana usage, making it imperative for businesses to clear their dues with the right knowledge.

IGC’s Professional Tax Advisory

We understand tax implications and issues that your business might be facing at the moment. Let the IGC experts’ years of experience help you with your tax concerns and stay tax-ready and compliant.

Auditing & Monitoring Services

IGC offers professional auditing and monitoring services for businesses with existing operations as well as startups in this space. Get professional service monitoring by knowledgeable experts who know the field inside out.

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