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International Green Consulting
Procurement and Quality Control

Professional Procurement and
Quality Control Advisory Services

Procuring The Right Quality

Successful procurement of high-quality cannabis and products is a critical task that needs vital insights into the way this industry operates. IGC team members have functioned within the marijuana ecosystem for years and know what it takes to source the right materials with the desired quality.

Quality Control

IGC’s expert team helps businesses establish time-tested methods for ensuring quality and consistency, which assume prime importance in the cannabis industry. Our professional consulting can help streamline supply chain management for your business.

Compliance Monitoring

IGC helps you stay compliant when it comes to procurement and quality testing. Our teams offer professional advisory services over the establishment of safe farming and sourcing practices.

Inspiring Consumer Trust

The use of the right grading and testing technologies can ensure your business maintains the requisite quality control when working with cannabis strains. IGC understands how consumer trust is built on the premise of quality, which should never be compromised.

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