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International Green Consulting

cannabis businesses

Focussed Marketing

IGC helps businesses brand their products by designing unique campaigns and strategies to ensure your product stays in the limelight.

Customized PR Packages

We understand each business is unique and needs a tailor-made PR strategy to excel. IGC helps build effective PR campaigns with coverages in national and international media: both mainstream business and those dedicated specifically to the cannabis space.

Building Innovative Use Cases For Branding

IGC understands how the first impression is the last when it comes to pitching your idea. Our experienced PR team helps enterprises and startups alike build their brand in this highly competitive and ever-growing space by building unique use cases that attract users.

Community Management

IGC has a proven track record in supporting community management. We can help support your online presence and social channels, interacting with users and fans, engaging the community through an established goodwill and product loyalty.

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