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International Green Consulting
IT and Web Development

Building an online presence
for your business to reach the
target audience

Online Presence

The Marijuana industry is growing at a tremendous pace. However, online presence is one area where it currently lags. Our web development teams understand the cannabis space and use specific technological tools and solutions to craft a beautiful web presence for your business to stand a class apart from your competitors.

Rank High with SEO

The IGC web development team uses cutting-edge technological tools to ensure your content ranks higher in search engine results. SEO-friendly web pages optimized for keywords and semantics relevant to your specific business are the norm in the modern era so your website and business always stay on top.

Mobile-Friendly Solutions

It is imperative to be mobile-friendly in an era where smartphones account for increasingly greater web traffic. IGC offers mobile-friendly solutions to ensure your cannabis business reaches smart devices and guides prospective customers towards the right contact channels.

IT Tools, Data Management & Analytics

We at IGC understand how important your data is to your organization. Keep your data vaulted with the might of cutting-edge cloud technologies and IT solutions powered by artificial intelligence and emerging technologies such as the blockchain, which can help with analytics, supply chain & inventory management as well. Minimize the risk of security breaches with our professional data management solutions.

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