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International Green Consulting
Consulting HR and Team Management

Cannabis Consulting for Project Initiation
or Start-up Cannabis Businesses

For those of you beginning your journey in the cannabis, hemp and CBD oil business you need startup assistance to cross the regulatory and compliance hurdles. Without an experienced professional guiding you through the process of obtaining the necessary licenses and avoiding any unnecessary processes or expense, you are likely to find the road through the regulatory maze to be an extremely challenging one.

All it will take is one mistake in one part of the regulatory approval process and your entire business could be put on the back burner for an indeterminate length of time. With IGC consulting with you from the beginning of your project and guiding you along the lengthy and detailed regulatory chain, what was an intimidating process becomes virtually pain-free. Before you even get your license, IGC will help guide you to profitability by designing your business from the ground up for success.

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