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Compliance and Legal

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A Complex & Layered

Cannabis is gaining widespread adoption and popularity the world over. However, countries globally are divided on legal issues and this where it gets all complicated for cannabis businesses who seek tremendous opportunities in this growing ecosystem. Laws differ even at the federal and state level, adding to the complexity.

IGC Steps In:
Professional Legal Advisory

The IGC team with its years of expertise in cannabis legal consulting can help you stay ahead ensuring your business remains legally compliant, always. Get guided about setting up standard operating procedures and the need for documentation. IGC ensures you possess all valid permits and licenses to conduct your business in a seamless manner.

Minimizing Risks:
Compliance Auditing

Legal risks are best avoided and left to us, so you can focus on what’s important, leading your business towards success without legal hurdles and bottlenecks. This is even more important in an industry as cannabis, with the authorities standing guard. From compliance auditing and monitoring to labeling and packaging guidelines, IGC handles it all.

Changing Scenarios:
New Laws & Regulations

No industry is as fluctuating in extent and nature as is the cannabis space, where laws and regulations may not be well-defined and lines can quickly get blurred. Rapidly changing scenarios necessitate professional legal advisory to put your best foot forward at all times.

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