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CBD & Hemp Biomass Sourcing

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Cannabis, Hemp, Distillates, Infrastructure, Planning,
Design & Development Consulting

Getting through the regulatory hurdles is just one aspect of developing a successful cannabis, hemp and CBD business. Your next priority is creating the infrastructure for pursuing your business vision efficiently. IGC can help design your retail locations, your production processes, your processing system and your testing facilities to achieve the highest level of product quality with a minimum investment. Infrastructure design is one of the secrets to a high performing cannabis businesses. By beginning with an optimized design from IGC, your vision will be converted into reality in the most efficient way possible.

Inspection, Compliance Regulatory Design
and Testing for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD

Since cannabis production and the associated products is a highly regulated affair, the successful operators are proactive about checking for compliance with private parties before any state compliance inspections. This proactive method of confirming compliance makes business sense. Whether you have investors or shareholders or simply want to be certain that any surprise inspection will be met with flying colors each step of the process, IGC can ease your mind in this business critical area. With a staff of industry veterans able to field, assess and confirm compliance throughout seed to sale steps, you can independently verify your business is 100% in compliance with all relevant statutes.

Benchmarking, Process Modeling and Financial Analysis
to Drive Cannabis Profit Growth

Multiple variables will impact the profitability of your cannabis, CBD oil and hemp business. By engaging an IGC analyst and financial Specialist in the cannabis, hemp and CBD market, you will learn where your opportunities lie for improving your bottom line. Among the many critical services, IGC can provide benchmarking data for each step of your process against the standards of the industry and the top producers. We will also model your process to optimize transition points and develop alternative processing methods to reduce labor costs while improving quality. Lastly, simply by instituting a financial analysis and planning procedure for multiple phases of your business growth, IGC will help increase your margins while increasing production rates across the same infrastructure and labor force.

Inventory Tracking for Cannabis -Hemp-CBD, Point of Sale Consulting,
Staff Training, Software Implementation Services

Dealing with controlled substances places an emphasis on security and inventory control beyond the scope of most general businesses. Fortunately for cannabis, hemp and CBD producers, cultivators, distillers, marketers, transporters, and dispensaries IGC has a track record of successfully guiding all sizes of cannabis businesses through the critical process of implementing these controls.
Using a carefully prescribed needs analysis of the current state of your business plus your growth plans , IGC will help source the correct applications or custom develop them to meet your needs. Implementing these systems is our next step to make sure that the system meets all of the promises required to grow your business.

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