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International Green Consulting
International Green Consulting is part of the global conglomerate Athena, combining our cannabis experience with Athena’s Marketing, Legal, Accounting and Business Development expertise. This allows us to offer you the industry’s best service to help your business grow.

IGC is based out of Los Angeles and is led by a team of
industry experts. Together, we have over 50 years of
combined business experience, with backgrounds in fields
like cannabis, marketing, and business development.

Our company
is based upon three
foundational principles:


Above all, we want our business relationship to be a partnership. Our goal is for you to trust us, and for us to trust you. As we work together, we hope to instill this same trust in potential customers, so that every interaction is a transaction between partners, not just acquaintances.


The great Parks and Rec libertarian hero, Ron Swanson, wisely said “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” At IGC, we will “whole-ass” for each of our clients as if our lives depended on it–because they do. When you work with IGC, you can rest assured that our team will work our hardest to make sure the needs of your business and customers are met.


One of the biggest ongoing challenges that businesses face is communication, or a lack thereof. Whether in sales, operations, or accounting and finance, and breakdown in communication can be crippling. That’s why we always make it a priority to communicate clearly with you, our clients, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. When we work together, few things are impossible.

Meet the IGC Team

The team at International Green Consulting has experience and connections within Cannabis and other relevant industries

  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson
  • Bernard Nassif
    Bernard Nassif
    Former General Manager of L'Oreal Europe
  • Andrea Wall
    Andrea Wall
    International Accounting Expert

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Jake Anderson

Throughout my life there has been many adversities which have shaped me for the better. I come from a military background which led to a career in sales. From Sept 2015 – Jan 2016 I was hospitalized, the recovery period molded me and has made me an incredibly resilient person. I am now back and in action, loving the growth throughout all areas of my life. The adventures that my career entails keeps me passionate and engaged. I gain immense satisfaction educating individuals and teams around how to grow their business and truly add value to their clients and everyone involved.

I have worked in various fields including, Sales, Account Management, Recruitment, Business Development, promotional work which included managing EXPO’s all across the country.

It has been an interesting experience as my skills have been intertwined in many ways which has led to me becoming an expert and thought leader in Holistic Nutrition, Cannabis, Hemp, CBD and Big Agriculture.

I genuinely love to help people – feel free to message me

Bernard Nassif
Former General Manager of L'Oreal Europe

(Based in the UK)

Bernard is a management visionary, climbing the ranks of the global conglomerate L’Oreal ($106.6 Billion) to claim a Managing Director role for L’Oréal Europe. Bernard has had over 20 years of management experience, in some roles managing in excess of 250+ employees. His expertise was the infiltration of the company’s core framework, and reorganization through a multitude of cutting edge management techniques designed to launch the company towards success. He was hailed at L’Oreal for his skill and travelled globally to countries such as Australia, France, Canada and Spain, resolving high profile management situations and improving company performance.

As Bernard continued to climb the ladder, he grew homesick and decided to pursue his family life. However, not to be taken lightly, Bernard is now Managing Director of Froothie UK & Ireland, Froothie being a multi-million dollar global company. Furthermore, Bernard is an Associate Partner at Tinderbox Consulting, providing strategic advisory services with top line growth and profit improvement through winning strategies and effective sales, marketing and team improvements.

Andrea Wall
International Accounting Expert

(Based in Australia)

Andrea has over 15 years’ experience in the field of accounting and finance. Andrea has in-depth knowledge of an extensive range of accounting softwares and has experience in supervising and managing small and large finance teams. She has worked in companies ranging from $30 million to $1.2 billion dollar revenue. Andrea has been responsible for the redesign and creation of management reports for global companies employing in excess of 700 people.

Her specialty in preparing, analyzing and managing financial accounts allows Andrea to develop and implement the accounting structure for small and large corporations. Andrea has been directly and indirectly involved in over 40 countries, helping businesses grow internationally at a rapid pace.